Total cost of the Instant Double System is €1200.

Included in the price is…..

1 Instant air cooler with 2 x taps.
2 x Keg connector
1 Mixed gas regulator
All lines and connectors
12 Month warranty
The cooling capacity of this system will allow for an ice cold pint to be poured in just under a minute

Precise—unlike with a common cold room where all drinks are kept and poured at the same temperature, these chillers allow you to pour multiple beverages, each at the correct temperature
Powerful—they have a continuous cooling performance of 30-50l/hr (8-13gal/hr)
Effective—a directly cooled tap means beer stays chilled right to the glass
Portable—take them anywhere there is 120V power as a grab handle on top of the machine enables the machine to be carried and moved with ease
Fast—since the beer is chilled inline as it passes through the chiller you don’t need hours of chilling ahead of time, it is ready to serve chilled beverages within 2-4 minutes of being switched on
Rugged—being designed for professional cooling it will give years of dependable service
Beautiful—Made with stainless steel to provide durability and a beautiful appearance

Kegs – both 50 litres and 30 litres

Gas cylinders