The Bar Company have full draught systems in stock

Everything is included in the price except the keg and gas.

Equipment comes with a 12 month warranty.  All is brand new apart from the tap which is refurbished.

Total cost for a single lager system starts at €940, a single Guinness system is €990 and a double system is €1300.

Systems can be collected or we can set the system up and have it couriered to you for an additional €60. 

Included in the price is……

1 Double Coil Cooler

Mixed Gas Regulator

Tap (including Clamp/Font/Drip Tray)

1 Keg Coupler

All Lines and Connectors

Additional Extras:

Kegs – both 50 litre and 30 litre

Gas bottles to dispense 10 x 50 litre kegs

Wash bottle and detergent

For further information please call 091 778876 or mail

Guinness and Heineken Taps

Guinness and Heineken Taps

Double Coil Cooler

Double Coil Cooler

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