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How to connect your home draught beer kit

If you are thinking of designing your own bar or space for draught equipment, here are a number of useful tips to get you started, please note that the information is compatible with the equipment that we sell, other suppliers may have different requirements.

We only sell double coil coolers – these are almost the same price as single coolers so if you only want a single tap there is always an option to upgrade without the expense of a second cooler.

Helpful Measurements

Your under-counter cooler requires a minimum space from left to right of 70cm, height of 40 cm and depth of 60 cm.

Keg dimensions are as follows (keg connector in top of keg is included in these dimensions)
50 ltr keg = Height 85cm width 40 cm.
30 ltr keg = Height 60cm width 40cm.
Gas bottle max height 95 cm max width 25cm.

The cooler needs room to breathe so it is advisable to leave as much space as possible around this and avoid closing off the area – coolers give off a lot of hot air – it sucks in air from the front and blows hot air from the back. If this is enclosed it puts a lot of pressure on the cooler to keep your beer cold. We ask that the cooler be as close as possible to the tap or taps as this is best for your beer.

Anything around 3 ft is perfect. Once you fill your cooler with cold water and plug it in, this water turns to ice, the beer passes through the ice and you then get ice cold beer – simple as that!!
You do not need to put your gas and kegs right beside the cooler if you do not want to, these can be away from the area and you can then run the beer line through the cooler.

Your full gas cylinder should last for 4-5 x 50 ltr kegs.

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To keep your new home draught system in top condition, we recommend you flush it through after every keg is used, or every 4 weeks – clean regularly with a pressurised wash bottle and beer line cleaner.

1. Un-tap your kegs.
2. Fill your wash bottle with 1 part beer line cleaner to 25 parts cold water.
3. Attached your keg coupler to the top of wash bottle and press down handle
4. Draw the detergent/water solution through the draught beer system by pouring the tap as if pulling a pint.  Use a bucket or large container for this.
5. Leave the solution to sit in the system for approx 15 minutes.
6. Disconnect wash bottle, discard of unused detergent solution and rinse thoroughly. Refill wash bottle with clean cold water and repeat step 3.
7. Rinse through your beer system until all detergent solution has being rinsed away.
8. You are now ready to tap that fresh keg of your favourite brew.

How do I tap a keg?

For UEC & Sankey Keg Couplers

1. Ensure the keg coupler handle is in the upright (OFF) position.
2. Align the two coupler lugs with the corresponding openings in the keg valve.
3. Insert the keg coupler and turn clockwise to engage into position (about 90 degrees).
4. Press the handle downward (ON) this will allow gas to enter the keg and beer to flow out of the keg.

For Grundy Keg Couplers

1. Ensure the keg coupler handle is in the upright (OFF) position.
2. Align the triangular coupler opening with the keg valve.
3. Place keg coupler onto the valve and turn clockwise to engage into position (about 90 degrees).
4. Press the handle downward (ON) this will allow gas to enter the keg and beer to flow out of the keg.

What Type of Gas Regulator Do I need?

What type of gas do I need for my home bar?
The correct mix of gas is vital when dispensing either lager or stout. Lager is generally dispensed with a 50% Nitrogen/50% Carbon dioxide mix, while stout is only served with a 75% Nitrogen /25% Carbon dioxide mixture. The correct gas is essential to any draught beer installation. Don’t compromise a good pint for the sake of fresh air!

What is the correct pressure to set the gas regulator to?

Generally we sell all our gas regulators pre-calibrated so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. However, if you must set the regulator, the correct pressure is 2.8 – 3.0 bars.

Do all brands of beer use the same keg couplers?

Not all brands of draught beer use the same keg connections (keg coupler). Each brewery has their own make of keg coupler assigned to their kegged products.

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How do I pour the perfect pint of stout?

1) Hold your Guinness tulip stout glass at a 45 degree angle close to the spout to prevent large bubbles from forming in the head. Pull the tap fully open and fill the glass 75 percent full.
2) Allow the stout to settle completely before filling the rest of the glass. The creamy head will separate from the dark body.
3) To top off the pint, push the tap forward slightly until the head rises just proud of the rim. Never allow the stout to overflow or run down the glass.

Where do I get gas bottle refill?

Where do I get a gas bottle refill?
You can purchase a gas bottle refill through our online store or arrange a delivery by contacting us directly

The Bar Company Galway
Unit 3 Westlink Commercial Park
Co. Galway
H91 DD82. 
Office: 091 778876

The Bar Company Dublin
Unit 3M Ballymount Drive
Ballymount Industrial Estate
Dublin 12

Office: 01-4659971

Call: 021-4966073

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How long will my keg last?

If a keg is unopened or untapped, the beer within has a shelf life of between 2 and 3 months, depending on the manufacturers guidelines. Once a keg is opened, it's at its freshest flavour within the first 21 days.

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How much is in a keg of beer?

A 50ltr keg holds 88 pints. A 30ltr keg holds 53 pints. And a 20ltr keg holds 36 pints.

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Can I tap open a keg directly after moving it?

When moving kegs, the beer inside will become agitated. This will result in foamy beer. If possible, allow your keg to settle for a couple of hours prior to dispensing. This will ensure smooth flowing pints.

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