Draught Beer Systems

We know more and more people choosing to stay at home, if you are one of them then you’re in the right place! We have the experience and expertise to advise you and create your very own Home bar and draught entertainment area. We have a team in our offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway to answer your every need. From bar design to bars off the shelf, to questions about regulator pressures to full draught system conundrums – you will find the answer with us. Not only have we a sales team but we also have an after-sales team to help you find your feet after you buy your draught systems from the Bar Company. Have a look below to see what we have to offer and please feel free to contact our sales team in either Dublin or Galway.  We sell full draught systems, parts for most systems, gas cylinders, kegs both 50 litres and 30 litres

Home Delivery Available 

Watch our Instant Stout system in action!