Kegs for your home bar draught beer system
Lager, cider and ale kegs are best consumed within 2-3 weeks of opening. Stout kegs are best consumed with 5-6 weeks of opening.
Unopened kegs have a shelf life of between 2 -3 months.
Store in cool dry place, without direct sunlight.
We stock all leading brands. 
If You Would Like To Purchase Kegs Please Call
Dublin 01-4659971 
Galway 091-778876


Guinness 50ltr €245  / 30ltr €168
Heineken 50ltr €255 /  30ltr €167
Coors 50ltr €255 /  30ltr €167
Carlsberg 50ltr €255 / 30ltr €166
Moretti 30ltr €187 /  20ltr €134
Smithwicks 50ltr €245 / 30ltr €166


Other keg brands are available please call us for more information.
Prices include 23% VAT
Price is for the keg only.
A €30 refundable keg deposit will apply where an empty keg is not provided